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6 African Gospel Musician Who Had Bad Marriages

One would think that an anointed, soul-winning Gospel minister’s marriage would be blissful.

However, it is becoming increasingly common that marriages of such artists are being saddled with some of the scariest breakups and controversies in recent times.

Unfortunately, because of the unrealistic expectations that people have of them, these ministers of the Gospel are forced to either suffer in silence or endure to some extent before filing for divorce.

Despite the fact that these musicians, like other people, are vulnerable, they are mostly judged and referred to Bible verses that speak against divorce.

However, it is undeniable that African Gospel singers have experienced some of the most heinous forms of tragedy in their marriages.

Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Osinachi Nwachukwu, a late Nigerian singer

Osinachi Nwachukwu, a popular Nigerian gospel singer best known for her hit song ‘Ekwueme,’ died on Friday, April 8, at a hospital in Abuja.

Miss Made, the deceased’s elder sister, confirmed the incident and stated that she died as a result of a cluster of blood in her chest after being kicked in the area by her husband, Peter Nwachukwu.

“The husband, Mr. Peter Nwachukwu, hit her with his leg on the chest…she fell down, and he took her to the hospital without telling us.” “It was her friend from Ebonyi state who called her twin sister,” she explained.

Miss Made discovered that Osinachi’s husband had abused her in their marriage prior to her untimely death.

“Before now, we told her to leave the marriage, that they are not divorcing, that they are just separated.” “However, she felt that God is opposed to divorce,” she told Nigeria’s Vanguard portal.

Husband arrested after death of gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu -

Christy Obaapa

Formerly known as “Christiana Love,” she was married to Pastor Hammond Love, but their marriage was tarnished when she and her ex-husband went on a live radio interview to settle scores, laying bare in public all of their private marriage issues.

Unfortunately, the marriage ended with accusations of infidelity and domestic violence passed back and forth between the two.

She remarried and had a baby boy for her new husband, though her marriage with Pastor Love, the father of three of her children, has yet to be officially dissolved.

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Esther Smith

Following her failed marriage to Rev. Ahenka, the popular Gospel musician remarried after years of being a single mother.

Esther Smith and her husband Rev. Kwame Ahenkan Bonsu (to whom she had been married for four years) had an acrimonious divorce, which was widely publicized in Ghana.

While the singer accused Rev. Ahenkan of assault and having an affair with their housekeeper, her husband accused her of cheating on him with another man.

The marriage was dissolved after a long period of accusations and counter-accusations.

During all of this upheaval, Esther Smith, who was pregnant at the time, gave birth to their third child in Germany.

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Joyce Blessing

Joyce Blessing adds her name to the list of Gospel musicians whose marriages failed and ended up in the public eye.

The couple, who were married to Dave Joy, who also served as her manager, were known to have three children.

However, in the year 2020, their lovely union was reported to have ended due to infidelity allegations.

Among the other issues that plagued the marriage were claims that one of the three children was not for Dave Joy.

This came after Dave Joy secretly tested all three of their children’s DNA.

The two have since split up and are living their separate lives.

Church don't guarantee you heaven' — Joyce Blessing

Hopeson, Diana

The musician, formerly known as Diana Akiwumi, divorced her husband several years ago due to allegations of abuse.

She recently revealed that the problem that led to the breakdown of her first marriage was entirely due to her former husband’s medical, emotional, and psychological issues.

She is now married to another preacher, Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Hopeson.

Diana Hopeson graduates with Master's Degree in Philosophy - Ghana Music - From The Industry

Empress Gifty

Empress Gifty, a singer, married Prophet Prince Elisha Osei, a preacher.

They had been married for about ten years before splitting up in 2014, and their marriage was legally annulled in 2017.

The gospel singer is currently married to Hopeson Adorye of the New Patriotic Patrioty.


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