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Accra Personal Injury Lawyer [2022 updated]

You might be looking for Accra Personal Injury lawyer to take care of your personal injury cases at an affordable prices. Read this complete guide on personal injury lawyers in Accra

After an Accident or Injury

When you’re injured — whether in an accident or any other kind of incident — it’s not always easy to sort out exactly what happened, and who might be responsible. If you suspect that someone else’s negligent (careless) or intentional conduct played a part in your injury, it may be time to explore your legal options.

Talking to a personal injury attorney could be your best first step toward protecting your legal rights.
An experienced lawyer will be able to answer some key threshold questions: Does insurance cover the underlying incident? What’s the best strategy for proving liability?

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Does a lawsuit need to be filed?

While most personal injury cases settle, a fair resolution is no guarantee, so it’s crucial to make sure your case is in capable hands. From navigating the ins and outs of the insurance claim process, to knowing when (and how) to take a case to court, having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side can make all the difference.

Looking for Accra Personal Injury Lawyer?


At, you’ll find a user-friendly search tool that allows you to tailor results by area of law and geography. You can also search for attorneys by name. Attorney profiles prominently display contact information, list topics of expertise, and show ratings—by both clients and other legal professionals.

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Ready to Meet With Accra Personal Injury Lawyer?

Before hiring a car accident lawyer or law firm, make sure to speak directly—preferably in person—to the attorney who will be primarily responsible for handling your case. Consider bringing to the conversation a list of questions and any documentation related to your case. Remember that you don’t need to hire the first lawyer you consult and that, first and foremost, you want a lawyer you trust.

What to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

When gathering your thoughts and documents, think about what you’ll want to ask the lawyer. Consider including on your list questions about:

  • the lawyer’s experience with injury cases like yours
  • the lawyer’s familiarity with the local court system
  • how often the lawyer goes to trial (as opposed to settling)
  • who else will work on your case
  • attorneys’ fees and other expenses related to the case (including contingency fees and how fees might increase as the case progresses)
  • how long the case might take, and
  • the lawyer’s initial impressions of your case.

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