At least 28 people drowned after their boat capsized on the River Shagari in Nigeria.

On Tuesday evening, at least 28 people drowned when their boat capsized while trying to cross a river to get firewood in north-western Nigeria.

After emergency workers and volunteers retrieved the bodies from River Shagari in Sokoto state, regional government official Aliyu Dantani said the majority of the dead were teenage girls.

In addition to the adults, five children were reported dead. According to reports, the boat was carrying an unspecified number of passengers. According to Dantani, the search and rescue efforts are still underway.

Although the cause of the accident is unknown, boat accidents are common on Nigerian waterways, owing to overcrowding, especially during the annual rainy season.

Late last month 13 people fleeing a raid on their village by criminal gangs drowned when their canoe capsized in central Niger state, according to emergency services.

And in May 2021, scores of people died after an overloaded boat capsized in the northwestern state of Kebbi. There were around 180 passengers on board.

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