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How to request for card with Ecobank Xpress Account on phone [2022 guide]

Ecobank has updated their transactions for users using xpress account to request for card with their Ecobank Xpress Account that they are currently possessing

Can I request for Card with Ecobank Xpress Account?

Yeah. Ecobank makes is simple and easy for news customers who opened an account in xpress way to request for card for their online transactions. Ecobank also makes is very easy for users to request for any card they want for their online services.

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How to Request for Card with Ecobank Xpress Account on


To request for Card with Ecobank Xpress Account [prepaid card or visa card], follow these simple steps

  • Open the ecobank mobile app
  • Go to cards
  • Click on Credit Cards
  • Click on “New Card Request”
  • Click on Add Xpress Account and choose your Xpress Account under the “Select Account” option
  • Choose New Card from the request type option
  • Choose your preferred card type: Mastercard or Visa Card
  • Enter name to appear on the card
  • Under the delivery type option, choose “Pick Up from Branch”
  • Enter the EcoBank Branch near you and click Continue

You will get a feedback when the Card ready. Then, you go to the Branch chose for the Card

You Can also go to the Bank, fill card forms to request for your preferred Card. Process takes not more than 30 minutes to complete

Note: Ecobank charges 25 cedis for any card they issue. And that amount is deducted anytime you load money on the card. It is a onetime charge and no further charges.

Also, note that, Ecobank charges 3% on any transactions made with Cards

Do you want to create an Ecobank Xpress Account? Click here

How to Load Money on Card with Ecobank Xpress Account

To load money on your Card with Ecobank Xpress Account, follow these steps:

  • Open the Ecobank mobile App
  • Go to Pay Bill
  • Click on Pay a new bill
  • Choose Card payments
  • Select prepaid card loading
  • Enter the amount you want to load on the card
  • Select Individual Card loading under the “project selection”
  • Enter customer ID on the back of the card
  • Enter the email linked to the xpress account
  • Enter the 4 digits of the card number
  • Lastly, click on “Continue” to process it

Can I Transfer money from Card to my Bank Account?

Yes. Ecobank makes it simple transferring monies loaded on Cards to Bank account with ease. To do this, kindly visit and follow these steps:

Before you can access the portal, you need to have a User profile on the Portal. To create a User portal;

  • Open the portal
  • Click on Set Up New Account
  • Enter the customer ID and the web code of the Card and click continue
  • Fill the forms that come with the required details
  • Enter the code sent to your Mobile number and click continue.
  • Fill the next form and click confirm

After your user account is created, you can now send money from the Card to your Account with ease!!

For further assistance, call this number for full support on how to transfer money from Card to Account

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