Do You Know The Only Woman To Have Won The Best Farmer Awards In Ghana

The Only Woman To Have Won The Best Farmer Awards In Ghana. This record is yet to be broken by any female in Ghana, Maame Efua Frimpomaa is a farmer who has attained a lot of awards in her peak. She has achieved in life and in business too. Currently, she is 92 years old who is still energetic and active just that she has paused taking active in farming activities and other hard works.

The former national best farmer at the age of 78 has attained Agona District Best Farmer, Central Regional Best farmer, central region overall best farmer, the national best farmer, the Millennium Excellence Award Winner in Agriculture and the only woman to have won the national best farmer award in Ghana.

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Madam Efua Frimpomaa is a philanthropist, her commitment to the development of Agona Nkum and Agona District, in general, is unpresentable. She has served as a member of the town development committee from 1992 to 1996 and continually imparts new and improved farming techniques to other farmers at Agona Nkum and its environs.
She has also contributed to the former education of disadvantaged children in and around Agona Nkum and she has also sponsored many youths to learn the trade of their choices. She procures sewing machines, among others, to enable them to get established in life. Aside from the youth, she has sponsored two health professionals a nurse, and a doctor, on foreign travels.

Currently, she has more than 180 acres of land which she has used most of it for farming activities. Arguably she is the all-time cocoa produce in Agona Nkum in the Central Region of Ghana.
The former Central regional best farmer has eight children; she has more than 30 grandchildren. Among her children, most of them have won best farmer in various sections.

The pride of the Agona land, Maame Efua Frimpomaa won the national best farmer award in 2004 at the age of 78 during the Kuffour’s Governance. Maame Efua grew up in a family of powerful farmers, she never had formal education same as her parent. Efua knew farming to be the only profession in the world because that was what she was born into.

According to Maame Efua, she had the chance to learn a lot of farming strategies from her parents before their demise. She was young when she lost both parents and life begun to show her the other phase of maturity. She got married to a farmer and they continued from where her parents stopped.
According to her, her parents were a hardworking couple, they had a mission and a vision to send Ghana’s agricultural status to a bigger level in the history of Ghana. But unfortunately, she lost she parents along the way. That is not the end of the story, so she promised to achieve her parents’ goal together with my new family. Through perseverance, courage, and hope to make it happened.
She added that “ she and her husband were smart enough to implement plans accounted for the farm. We focused on cocoa farming because that was the only crop that was generating more money aside from the plantain, pepper, okra, and cassava. Although we did not have formal education, we utilized the natural wisdom God gave to us to bring success. The Agricultural committee came to Agona Nkum to have one on one discussion with us and opened our eyes to technological ways of farming. They guided us through how we could protect our crops from insects through insecticides, how to clear weed from farm crops through weedicides, how to reduce stress when harvesting produce with tractors, among others.” She said.

Having received this great news to make farming easier, Maame Efua lost her husband, and she was left alone to accomplish the mission. Life was not easy; she thought that was the end for her and the eight children. Through courage, perseverance, and hope, she continued to farm with her focused on her kids. She thought it was wise to enroll them in school and still engage them in farming life as an alternative.
According to her, with the knowledge obtained from the Agricultural Board, she used them effectively and she had never encountered any crop crises. Again she planned very well and usually employ laborers to help in her cocoa harvesting. In 1990 she had my first award as the district best farmer, in 1996 she had Central Regional Best plantain Farmer, in 1997 she had Central Regional Overall Best Farmer, in 2004 God’s grace fall upon her, she won the National Best Farmer and climax everything with the Millennium Excellence Award in Agriculture in 2005. Her mission and vision are accomplished indeed and she is happy to have broken the record in Ghana’s history, being the first woman ever to emerge National Best Farmer.

The pride of Agona Nkum, Maame Efua Frimpomaa later represented Ghana abroad, for a farming durbar. She urged all Ghanaians to take farming as significant as their life-saving fuel because farmers, Doctors, and fisherfolks are the most important people we cannot do without so government should take them seriously and help them. Maame Efua is 94 years now and she is still stronger. All her eight children have won awards in farming.

SOURCE: Simon Togeh, Student Journalist(Ghana Institute of Journalism)

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