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Elon Musk Takes Over Twitter With $44bn

There is a $44bn (£34.5bn) takeover offer from billionaire Elon Musk. Twitter’s board has agreed to it.

It was less than two weeks ago that Mr. Musk made a surprise bid for Twitter. He said that Twitter had “a lot of potential” that he would unlock.


He also called for a number of changes, including letting people post more freely and getting rid of fake accounts.


The company didn’t like Mr. Musk’s offer at first, but it will now ask shareholders to vote on whether or not the deal should go through.

It says that Mr Musk is the world’s wealthiest person in Forbes magazine, with an estimated net worth of $273.6 billion. This is mostly because he owns Tesla, which he runs. It’s also his job to run SpaceX.

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