Gunmen Attack Settlements Near Yendi, killing Eight People.

An attack on a Fulani herders’ village at Zakoli near Yendi in the Northern Region on Wednesday afternoon left eight people dead and several others missing.

According to a survivor who was spared because she is a woman, the gunmen surrounded the village around 1 p.m.

The gunmen, she claims, separated women and children on one side and killed only men on the other. She claims that the majority of them were fired at close range.

The attackers set fire to the entire settlement and injured others with machetes.

Hundreds of animals were killed, and motorcycles and other valuables were stolen.

“They separated the men, women, and children here when they came, and they killed all the men,” the elderly woman recalls the horror she Saw.

“They assassinated my husband and his brother and set fire to our home.”

After the attack, the gunmen retreated into the bushes, and their identities are still unknown.

However, security sources believe it was carried out by enraged locals as retaliation for the killing of a young native teacher earlier in the day.

The secondary school teacher, identified as a tribal konkomba, was said to be on his way to school when he was attacked and killed by armed men suspected of being robbers.

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