Gypsy King Retains WBC Title At Wembley

A sensational one-punch knockout in the sixth round by WBC champion Tyson Fury saw him defeat fellow Briton Dillian Whyte and then he announced that he would be retiring.


This tough fight was overshadowed by a right uppercut from Fury.

The bout was stopped when Whyte staggered into the referee after getting to his feet within the count.


‘This might be the closing curtain for the Gypsy King,’ Fury stated after the battle.

Later, he added: “I’ve been on the road a lot recently. My apologies for the extended absence. I accomplished all of my goals and aspirations.


“Rocky Marciano and I will be the only two heavyweights in history to retire undefeated. This was a game in which I was unbeatable.”


Whyte, who lost for the third time in 31 fights, was denied a world title shot by Tyson Fury, who remains undefeated in 33 matches.

Fighting for the undisputed heavyweight title and cementing Fury’s status as the greatest heavyweight fighter in British history would be lost if the 33-year-old retires. A fight for that title could take place later this year.


In addition, he said, “I promised my wife that would be all after the Wilder fight.” “In the end, I felt obligated to fight at Wembley for the sake of the crowd. The perfect way to say goodbye.”


In a statement to BT Sport, Fury’s wife Paris stated the following: “As soon as possible, please. He’s done proving a point. The last thing I’d say to him is “Yeah Tyson, do it.” However, he has nothing to back up his claim.


The only reason I can think of for Tyson to return to the ring is for the unification match.

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