I Am Sorry Please Forgive Me – Captain Smart Finally Apologies To Former President Mahama

Award-winning Journalist and host of the Onua Maakye show, Godsbrain Smart popularly known as Captain Smart has shown his remorse by apologizing to former President Mahama for tarnishing his image while he was in power.

Speaking on his Onua Maakye show monitored by Ghana Publishing Official on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021, Captain Smart admitted that he criticized former President Mahama without conducting proper investigations to find out if the rumors about his purchases of properties in Dubai was true.

According to him, when several newspapers and portals reported on Mahama’s purchasing of properties in the United Arab Emirates media professionals, including himself, slammed him.

He disclosed that, his personal journey of Dubai to investigate the properties purchased by the former president found the reports were false, but that he couldn’t admit or apologize at the time due to humiliation and disappointment with the newspapers that covered the story.

He then dared anyone who knew about the alleged properties former President Mahama had purchased in Dubai to come out with evidence and if they are able to do so, he would resign.

He finally apologized to former President Mahama for slamming him and indicated that he did not own even a single-room flat in the Middle East.

” Where are the journalists that reported Mahama had buildings in Dubai, including myself? ” Ghanaians aren’t interested in learning the truth.

We can’t mention it because the corruption at the Flagstaff House is extraordinary. Mahama has been the subject of several lies. ”

” I apologize, Mahama, for the chastisement you received after some newspapers reported that you own apartments in Dubai. I’m telling you right now that Mahama doesn’t have a single room in Dubai. Whoever claims to know his Dubai address should provide it, and I’ll resign the next day. ”

I went to Dubai myself to check, and he didn’t have anything there. “I’m not a member of the NDC and would never vote for Mahama, but I believe in the truth. ” All the reports on the internet and in the publications that Mahama has properties and accounts in Dubai were false, ” he said.

John Mahama needs political deliverance - Captain Smart

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