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Kuami Eugene reveals top secret behind Son of Africa album

Kuami Eugene has explained that he does not intend to belong to any form of movement or nation as some fellow musicians currently have in Ghana. The musician says that he wants the people of Ghana to see him as a son because that will ensure his longevity in the music industry.

He said that in this context, he named his album “Son of Africa” ​​so that the people of Africa and especially Ghana would see him as a son and support his works.

“I don’t say I’m the best or a king, all I do is to do the work well. That is one thing I was working on that I won’t just be a lover of a few people because there could be a situation that one side of the people like me and the other side does not. I wanted to position myself as the son of the people. It shouldn’t be that Kuame is with this movement or this nation. What I work for is to be the son of the people that is why I did the son of Africa,” he said on Adom TV.

For him, he sees the constant criticism of his work not in a bad light but as a shoulder on which to grow. “For me, the people of Ghana patronizing my work for four solid years is a blessing and their criticism is taken in good faith.”

Top Ghanaian artists, including Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, and Sarkodie, have a fan base that supports all of their works both online and offline.

These movements/fan bases are mostly against each other as they just want to see their artist stand out to the detriment of the other.

There have been several incidents of clashes between them, especially the Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy fanbase in the past until recent events brought them together to agree.

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