Top 5 most reliable auto insurance in the USA 2021

The best auto insurance company is not necessarily the cheapest. It’s tempting to shop for a new insurance policy based solely on price, but you need a company that is there for you when it’s time to file a claim. After all, you don’t want to choose the cheapest auto insurance quote only to find that it doesn’t provide the protection you need.

Our top 2021 auto insurance companies use real customer feedback and pricing data to help you find the best auto insurance policy for you.

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What is the best car insurance company?

USAA is the best auto insurance company for 2021, but you must have a military affiliation to get it. If you don’t qualify for USAA, State Farm is the second-best auto insurer based on our data.

We asked actual clients from 9 of the top auto insurance companies across the country about their experiences. Their feedback provides valuable information on how well these companies serve their clients, which can help you decide which insurance company is most deserving of your business.

We used this survey to identify the best insurer in the country, as well as the best companies in the areas of customer service, claims to handle, and customer loyalty. It also identifies the insurers that are most likely to be renewed and recommended by their policyholders.

Here are the Top-rated auto insurance companies in the US in 2021

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USAA is the best auto insurance company we can find. In our survey, USAA clients say they are very satisfied with the customer service of this insurance provider. They also love the company’s simple process for filing a claim, as well as the frequent updates on the status of claims.

The only negative we could find for this company is its limited availability. USAA only offers its services to veterans, members of the military, and their families. As a result, many consumers will not qualify for USAA insurance.

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2. State Farm
State Farm makes it easy to file a claim, according to the majority of respondents, many of whom plan to renew their policy. State Farm is also the best auto insurance company if you don’t have a military affiliation.

State Farm scored slightly lower when we asked customers if they were satisfied with the company’s status updates during the claims process. Drivers insured through State Farm reported that the company has a good value overall.

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3. Geico
Geico is the third-best auto insurance company in our ranking. Consumers who have filed a claim generally agree that Geico makes the process easy. Most respondents also report that they plan to renew their policy and are likely to recommend Geico to family and friends. However, Geico scored lower than some competitors in terms of value, despite offering low rates and overall good customer service.

Review of GEICO Insurance

4. Nationwide
Nationwide generally scores well across the board, though it didn’t stand out in any area as noticeably better than the competitors. Nationwide has some downsides that keep it from ranking in the top three auto insurance companies in our rankings. Some respondents indicated that they were dissatisfied with Nationwide’s status updates during the claims process or with the way their claims were resolved.

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5. Farmers

Farmers lands squarely in the last middle of our rankings. Respondents in our survey gave this insurer decent scores in terms of satisfaction with the claims process, customer service, and value. However, Farmers’ scores dropped slightly when we asked whether drivers would recommend the company to friends or family, indicating mediocre overall satisfaction.

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6. American family
American Family is in last place when it comes to surveying respondents’ satisfaction with how their claims were resolved. Still, American Family enjoys good loyalty from its customers. This company was near the top of the list in terms of customers who said they were likely to renew their policies. American Family policyholders are also likely to recommend the company to friends and family.

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7. Progressive
Flo, the cheerful host of Progressive, might be number one in advertisers’ hearts, but Progressive is the seventh insurance company on our list. This insurer gets its highest scores for ease of filing a claim and customer service. However, Progressive still lags behind most competitors in these areas. Many rival companies get higher satisfaction ratings in terms of value, and a higher percentage of Progressive customers plan not to renew than any other company.

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8. Travelers
As you would expect from a low-ranking insurer, Travelers customers did not report high satisfaction in most of the areas measured by our survey.

Drivers who submit claims to Travelers are dissatisfied with the way they are resolved, and many do not believe that Travelers offers good value. Interestingly, travelers scored decent when we asked if people would recommend it to friends or family, but got a low rating when we asked if they would renew their policies themselves.

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9. Allstate
The majority of respondents who had filed a complaint with Allstate said they were satisfied with the ease of that process, but indicated dissatisfaction in most other areas. Allstate has higher rates than the other companies in our ranking, resulting in a low perceived value. Additionally, Allstate customers are less likely to renew their policies compared to customers of rival insurance companies.

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