We’ll surcharge anyone who damages items at Ghanaman Centre of Excellence – Director

The Director of the Ghanaman Centre of Excellence, Mrs. Winifred Mawudeku has said that persons who destroy items at the centre will be surcharged for the damage caused.

Speaking to the GFA’s Communications team, Mrs. Mawudeku said the destruction of properties whenever people camp at the venue is one major problem they face in the maintenance of the Centre.

She insisted that they were working on surcharging anyone who last occupied a room in which items were damaged.

So far it’s been encouraging, we are just hoping that going forward we will get a lot more support in the usage of the facilities and maintain it well. Sometimes you get people destroy certain facilities in the room and they don’t report it before they leave and so it will take another person coming in or the cleaners to have to draw your attention to it,” she said.

But what we are trying to do is to put in place measures that when something is destroyed in the room, the occupant in that room will be surcharged. So anybody who occupies any room, we have records of them and we know where to find them and to be able to track these things. We are hoping that in future all these things will come down and everything will be fine.”

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